Three Crows...

Our first gig at Three Crows ( in Delano Minnesota on May 10th, 2008 has inspired me to write our first blog entry.

treVeld sends out a huge dose of gratitude and cheer to the Three Crows staff and those who attended our show. What a lovely group of people...! 

This show was by far the most well received and spirited event we've experienced to date.  Being new to this venue, we were welcomed with an enthusiasm and heart felt joy, which transported us into being in the presence of great friends, who happened to be wild fans of our music... :O)

Being someone who has struggled with stage fright in the past, this gig was very healing.  What a gift to be received at such a deep level.  I felt completely at ease and fully inspired to share our music, which the three of us have been so deeply blessed to co-create.

To all those who were in attendance...   a very hearty pirate's ARRRRRRRRRGah...!

I've been an avid fan and supporter of The Cedar Cultural Center ( in Minneapolis Minnesota for years and have found it's audiences to be amazingly receptive and encouraging of the incredible artists that have graced it's stage.  Having performed at the Cedar, I've experienced the magic and it is good...!

What do the Three Crows and the Cedar have in common?  That's simple, the vibe and spirit of Three Crows is made of the same stuff, which is truly magical.  Both were like finding a home I didn't realize existed, yet deep down in my heart, yearned to rediscover and return to...

The Three Crows space is very intimate, sweet and comfy, with a nice sound system (this was the first time we have not used our own Bose PAS PA / crutch...) and offers delicious food and drink. Do yourself a favor and check out this wonder-filled local treasure.

See ya there...!

Be Well,
Philip of treVeld