String Theory 2-15 & 21, 2009

Hour 1
Sean Watkins-Sugar Hill-26 Miles-NMI
Sean Watkins-Sugar Hill-26 Miles-Chutes and Ladders
Louise Taylor-Signature sounds-Velvet Town-Call My Name
Angelique Kidjo-Columbia-Logozo-Malaika
Samite-Windham Hill-Stars To Share-Tindiba
Speaking in Tongues-SIT-First Word-I Called Your Name
Jistoray-Humble Town-Hollywood-Haley's Song
Martin Sexton-Eastern Front-Black Sheep-Black Sheep
Dan Schwartz-PeaceFire-The Art of Making Fire-Sad Little Girl
Tin Hat Trio-Angel-Memory Is An elephant-Fire of Ada
Solas-Compass-Reunion-Silver Dagger
Crasdant-Sain-Crasdant-The Grey Lad

Hour 2
Ottmar Liebert-SSRI-One guitar-Not One,Not Two
Curandero-Silver Wave-Aras-Suenos Inquietos
Treveld-TRE-Bohemian Flats-Red Sea
Mari Boine-Cedar-Visionaries-Soul Medicine
Paul Brady-Compass-The Paul Brady Songbook-Oh What A World
Sam Bush-Sugar Hill-Ice Caps-Sailin' shoes
Gillian Welch-Almo-Hell Among the Yearlings-The Devil Had a Hold on Me
Peter Lang-Horus-Dharma Blues-Itasca
Jerry Douglas-Sugar Hill-Slide Rule-Hey Joe
Dar Williams-KUMD-KUMD Sessions Vol 1-When I Was a Boy
Sean Watkins-Sugar Hill-26 Miles-Carousel