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A MUSICAL NOTE:  When installing wedding flowers at the artfully rustic Mill City Museum recently, we were stopped in our tracks by the amazing band beginning to warm up.  And so began our love affair with treVeld, a group of string musicians whose musical repertoire includes Gypsy, Swing, Celtic, Blues and Nordic Roots.  Their music is lush, playful, soulful and unforgettable.  They are the band version of the beautiful food scene in the movie “Chocolat” in which Vianne serves a sumptuous feast to celebrate Armande’s birthday – exquisite foods laced with chocolate, an elegantly earthy outdoor setting with charmingly eclectic guests blissed out by the whole experience.  That is treVeld.  They have that rare quality of truly appealing to all ages.

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The name treVeld is born of the music, representing the merging of three fields, filled with the lush and sacred openness of creative potential.


The musically diverse members of treVeld met around the turn of the century, playing amongst an ‘Old Time’ music community. They share the desire to create and perform original music, while enjoying an ever evolving musical and personal kinship.


treVeld's musical works offer a unique and spirited blend of musical genres, including Gypsy, Swing, Old Time, Celtic, Bluegrass, Blues, Chamber and Nordic Roots.


The music is manifest through the trio’s depth and musical fluency, creating beautiful soulful soundscapes, resulting in a buoyant body of original works, eclectic in their musical sources and traditions, flowing gracefully into a cohesive sound that has become known as 'treVeldian'.

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Bohemian Flats CD - reviewed by music journalist Billy Sheppard

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"What a fabulous show! You three sound great on CD, but in live performance you're amazing. The music is so refreshingly different and engaging - who would've thought you could put those instruments together in the hands of Midwesterners and come up with such great stuff!

The coolest thing for me is the uniqueness and attractiveness of the sound - There's no shortage of pop/country/folk guitar players and classical strings musicians out there; you three have something different that is really lovely!

My wish and hope for TreVeld is that you continue to build a name, a following, and a repertoire, and that we can welcome you back to the Heyde Center again with a full house! (And then, of course, you will leave for a world tour and wow the crowned heads of Europe, the tribal chiefs of Africa, the moguls and Mongols of Asia, finally to return to play Carnegie Hall."

Ann Hansen, Author, Farmer and Musician - Commenting on a treVeld performance at the Heyde Center for the Arts

"If music makes you feel, it heals you.

There's more than just notes here. There is something holy about the melody played this way.

The song here is an absolute gift. Takes a touch of genius..."

From a review of Bohemian Flats - Billy Sheppard, Music Journalist

“Thanks so much for sending your Bohemian Flats disc to me. I love it! The best part is that I've seen you at Erte before and remember asking the staff who you guys were because I thought the music was so great...and good for The Morning Show too. I'll most definitely use it on the air, good music deserves to be heard!.”

Mike Pengra, Producer / The Dale Connelly Show & Radio Heartland, Minnesota Public Radio / 9.11 HD 2

“Be sure to check out this wonderfully diverse and very talented Twin Cities based ensemble for some lovely and very evocative works”.

Kevin Barnes (on air commentary), Host of String Theory on Jazz 88 FM

"treVeld has successfully performed a progressive convergence of Old Time and formal Classical music with traditional Bluegrass on their latest recording Bohemian Flats."

Phil Nusbaum (on air commentary), Host of Blue Grass Saturday Morning on Jazz 88 FM

“I have gone to hundreds of concerts over the years and your performance is among the select few that will make my “all time best, most memorable” performances list, your music is beautiful... it really moved me... it was so calming. I am looking forward to hearing treVeld again.”


“Your music quiets the mind and soothes the soul.”

Barbara Cloutier, M.A.- Licensed Psychologist

“The three of you are nothing short of absolutely amazing. I have had some conversations in the past about equating music with food, and how some music is fluff and no substance, or dessert, or canned meat, etc. treVeld is a 27 course meal with all the trimmings, very tasty rare wine with amazing appetizers, every one of my favorite dishes, many incredibly delicious morsels I have never tasted that are somehow exotic and familiar at the same time.

What an amazing combination of sound and song you create, that is so universally pleasing and also so deep, playful, thoughtful and full of feeling. A truly rare combination.”

Peter Hutter, Writer, Musician, Musical Counselor

Anonymous Praise

"Thank you to all of you for providing your wonderful music! I have to pass on what I heard after you played Buffalo Skies - I was standing in the back of the room, and when the song was done the momentary silence of the crowd was broken as the man sitting at the table next to me let out a quiet "Wow"! That pretty much sums up that song. I cannot believe the emotion you put into that tune."

"We heard you at the Three Rivers Valentine event at Richardson park. We loved your music!"

"My wife wrote on Facebook that it was "The Best Valentine's Ever!". High praise; it was our 37th Valentine's Day. Thanks gentlemen."

"We loved having you!  You guys make beautiful music."

"My mother, a few of her friends, and I saw you all play at Erte this past weekend on Saturday. We bought two of your CD's and absolutely love the tracks. I lived in Ireland for 6 months last year studying abroad and miss the live music - your band really reminded me of what I was so used to hearing regularly in Ireland. I really enjoy listening to your music!!"

"I was listening to Pandora at work, and immediately loved your sound when "Square Not" began playing. I looked up your bio which led me to your website. Shame I live in WA, but at least I am aware of your presence now. I look forward to listening and sharing."

"We've been telling people about tonight for weeks, and treVeld was even better than I promised, which was pretty high stuff to begin with. Your hearts were in your fingers tonight and they flowed out in the sweet, sweet music."

"Beautiful setting and beautiful music! Wow!"

"Bill , Dustin & Phillip you guys knocked it out park, last night, at Mendoberri. Thank you."

"Really enjoyed the performance at Como's Music Under Glass!"

"Saw you on WCCO this morning. Love love the music."

"Great show! thanks for treVeld-ing to Chippewa Falls, WI"






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